• “About Freefall: The content was pitched at a good level for this audience of young carers and Key Stage 3 pupils. The script was superb and the acting was amazing. Teacher Onslow St Audrey's”

  • “About Freefall: The play revealed exactly how I feel. I have lots of responsibility at home… It would be great if more people understood. Young Carer in Suffolk”

  • “About Epiphany: Awesome production! Very compelling. A beautiful mix of hip hop and more than dancing- the theatre really emphasised this…Wished I was as creative as you guys. I connected to the stories…the passion and love. Would recommend it! Inya Be, 18 Dance Choregrapher and Leader of Urban Shadows”

  • “About All Fall Away: The work might seem less impressive than it is without a superb production from Stuart Mullins. Despite some dodgy accents, it spirits you away to the vast metropolis. Samantha's son, possibly autistic, is played by a puppet, brilliantly manipulated by Seong Kyun Yoo, and Liza Hayden is excellent as Esmeralda, the Duncans' nine-year-old neighbour, who is as sharp as a rat. At the raging drama's still centre is Tanya Franks's shining Samantha, a woman who is gloriously and essentially human in her courage and determination. Lyn Gardner The Guardian”

  • “About Hidden: Excellent...Very Captivating. Passionately performed. It is a very vital story, told in an accessible way. Global issues on a local scale. Youth Worker Y Theatre, Leicester”


A Forum Theatre piece produced Cardboard Citizens in 2018. The piece written by Femi Keeling and directed by Stuart Mullins, toured to hostels and prisons. Having worked with may young men in prisons, Femi's first professionally produced play told the story of Terence, a 19year old who upon leaving prison seeks to start a new life with girlfriend Danielle. However his past won't go away, and errors in judgement and poor decisions lead him into homelessness. 

Forum Theatre is a specific type of theatre event. The form, originally designed by Augusto Boal and developed by Cardboard Citizens, asks the audience to watch the central character and imagine what else they could do to avoid the possibility of becoming homeless. Once the play is run the audience are then invited by The Joker, an intermediary between the action of the play and the audience, to stop the play, enter onto the stage taking the place of the central character and try within the action of the play a new approach. Watch the trailer originally filmed at City Hall in November 2018 for an event hosted by the Deputy Mayor James Murray. The film was a live feed broadcast to a national audience. 

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Set on Hayling Island, Hidden is an adaptation of Miriam Halahmy's novel by playwright Vicki Donoghue. An intense new play set over 24 hours in the life of white British schoolgirl Alix and her classmate Iraqi refugee Samir, the play tells the story of their dilemma when faced with the prospect of saving illegally trafficked asylum seeker Mohammed on Hayling Island. 

Toured to young audiences in the autumn of 2018 for year groups 6 to 9. 

"Wowsers!  What a fabulous morning we had! Extraordinary acting, a brilliant script and an excellent book (and all the bits in between).  Thank you so much for coming to Fortismere and putting on such an inspiring production for us. I found this on my desk after lunch: “Dear Miss.  What a wonderful play!  The acting was fabulous, storyline brilliant and it was very eye opening.  I loved it.  From Linus.” Senior Librarian, Fortismere School, London 

Produced in collaboration with Forest Forge Theatre Company. Funded by Arts Council and House Theatre

We received the kind support and investment of:

The Journeys Festival

Counterpoint Arts

Portsmouth Cultural Trust

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Fusing movement and words with a moving and atmospheric sound track from Simon McCorry, Freefall is artistically ambitious and emotionally engaging. Kirsty Jackson plays Jas, and is extraordinary in this one woman piece telling the story of Jas, a Vlogger and young adult carer aged 16, reflecting on her life.

The project aims to find 'hidden' young carers. Theatre can be an effective medium with the ability to affect and move in a way that other approaches may not. Freefall is determined to celebrate the heroism of these extraordinary young people, a secret army who the state chooses to ignore.

Choreographed by Helen Parlor and written by Anna Reynolds, Freefall is a powerful and moving piece of contemporary theatre for young audiences that toured in 2017.

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Tiny Treasures

Tiny Treasures was produced by Theatre Hullabaloo and the Young Carers Revolution of York and toured to primary schools in the north east of England. It was recently adjudged to be one of the top 50 plays for young audiences.

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With Theatre Is… Master Juba

Produced in collaboration with Greenwich and Lewisham Young Peoples Theatre, Master Juba toured to theatres in London and the greater south east. Written by Dr Michael McMillan it told the story of William Henry Lane, a historical character that Michael had found in the process of his research with regards the history of slavery.

William Henry Lane Aka Master Juba is seen as the originator of Tap Dance. As a freed slave living in New York, he was influenced by West African dance and Irish dance. We combined the dance with animation created by students from the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire with spoken work, creating a visceral, political and challenging piece for young audiences.

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With Pursued by a Bear… All Fall Away

In 2004 in collaboration with Theatre 503 and Tanya Franks Company Stock-pot Productions we produced Said Sayrafiezadeh extraordinarily poetic script to critical acclaim. Working with acclaimed cellist Simon McCorry, South Korean puppeteer Seong Kyun Yoo and visual artist Andy Burgess this powerful and ambitious piece extended its run and filled out London’s most vibrant fringe venue.

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