• “About Freefall: The content was pitched at a good level for this audience of young carers and Key Stage 3 pupils. The script was superb and the acting was amazing. Teacher Onslow St Audrey's”

  • “About Freefall: The play revealed exactly how I feel. I have lots of responsibility at home… It would be great if more people understood. Young Carer in Suffolk”

  • “About Epiphany: Awesome production! Very compelling. A beautiful mix of hip hop and more than dancing- the theatre really emphasised this…Wished I was as creative as you guys. I connected to the stories…the passion and love. Would recommend it! Inya Be, 18 Dance Choregrapher and Leader of Urban Shadows”

  • “About All Fall Away: The work might seem less impressive than it is without a superb production from Stuart Mullins. Despite some dodgy accents, it spirits you away to the vast metropolis. Samantha's son, possibly autistic, is played by a puppet, brilliantly manipulated by Seong Kyun Yoo, and Liza Hayden is excellent as Esmeralda, the Duncans' nine-year-old neighbour, who is as sharp as a rat. At the raging drama's still centre is Tanya Franks's shining Samantha, a woman who is gloriously and essentially human in her courage and determination. Lyn Gardner The Guardian”

  • “About Hidden: Excellent...Very Captivating. Passionately performed. It is a very vital story, told in an accessible way. Global issues on a local scale. Youth Worker Y Theatre, Leicester”

As a director…

Pursued by a Bear (1999 to 2005)

A company created with my good friend, the wonderful actor, Joseph Millson. We ran the Company from 1999 to 2005. Producing a number of shows including All Fall Away by the American novelist Said Sayrafiezadeh. Tanya Franks played the lead to critical acclaim. Produced at Theatre503, Lynn Gardner said this:

‘The work might seem less impressive than it is without a superb production from Stuart Mullins.’ Lynn Gardner 4 Stars, The Guardian

Theatre Is... (2005 to 2013)

From the foundations of Snap Theatre I created Theatre Is. Funded by Arts Council England for six years, our key achievement was to engage young people from some of Britain's poorest and most culturally deprived areas of the country in the performing arts. See http://www.theatreis.org/

Working with my friends and colleagues at Theatre Hullabaloo, the playwright Kevin Dyer and I created Tiny Treasures (2014). See http://www.theatrehullabaloo.o...


In 2005 Theatre503, or The Latchmere, was in danger of closing. I became the first chair of a new board of trustees. With the staff and the remarkable Gene David Kirk, we saved the theatre and appointed Paul Robinson and Tim Roseman to be our joint artistic directors. They went on to launch the careers of many young writers. Seeing The Mountaintop by the young black writer, Katori Hall tranfer to the West End was a proud moment. I'm delighted to say the Theatre is now run by close friend, Lisa Spirling.

advice guidance lecturing…


Former trustee of:

Theatre503 (Chair)

Independent Theatre Council

Upswing Aerial

Advice and Guidance:


Parkour Dance

UHArts (The University of Hertfordshire)


Until recently at the University of Hertfordshire I was the Subject Co-ordinator and Visiting Lecturer for the Acting and Screen Performance pathway in the School of Humanities. I teach acting for theatre and screen performance and Augusto Boal's Forum Theatre.